[With One Click Setup Import] 3 Steps to acquire 100+ leads weekly without website

Inviting an audience to join your email list is super-easy and only requires one click of a button by your subscriber when it comes to chat marketing (also known as messenger marketing) 

No domain, No hosting, No Fancy Landing Pages, No Graphics Design nothing at all. 

WARNING: By the end of this article you’ll have a system ready to start collecting emails, so make sure you don’t skip any part.

You know what, people make purchases from an online business when they have trust in that particular business and the business has a little bit of authority or social proof. 

That’s when a sale happens frequently.

No matter how many followers you have on social media, If you don’t have an email address of your audience… In reality my friend you don’t own your audience. 

You may get kicked out of the market anytime. 

Social media platforms like Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger), Twitter, Google, Telegram has imposed huge limitations on their platforms and some weird polices to follow by every user forcefully.

As well as from last 3-4 years I have seen that during the biggest festival season (Like Halloween, Black Friday, Diwali, New Year) these platforms goes offline for few hours due to heavy traffic or any technical issues. 

But this is not the end… These platforms are blocking accounts, sometimes without any reason and it becomes so hard to get back your personal as well as business account (used to run paid ads) 

And I have no idea when your account may get banned on these platform and in just one snap you’ll loose your business. 

If I’ll say that Mark Zuckerberg should name Thanos ( The villain of the movie Avengers) Zuckerberg of the social media world there will be nothing wrong with it. LOL 😇

Image source: Reddit

In just one snap of Thanos Zuckerberg, you may get out of the business, no matter how many followers you have in your account. 

And that’s scary, isn’t it?

That’s when emails come into the scenario. 

Did you know to build trust and relationships emails are the best communication channel that we control with 100% ownership? 

No one can grab or steal our email list data from us. 

“Email” is not a word that is in much use nowadays among new generation marketers. It seems people are more interested in likes and followers. 

However, the reality is that email is still a very important method of communication and one that will be of even greater use in the future. 

It has been said that Email Marketing still reigns supreme in the field of internet marketing. It is the most powerful, cost-effective, and efficient marketing channel. 

But it still isn’t regarded as the king of marketing channels by many marketers. This is not because, Email marketing is not effective, but because many marketers do not know how to put Email to use properly.

In this exclusive guide, I’m going to show you the exact strategy that I’ve been using to acquire over 100 qualified leads a.k.a. buyer-ready audience to my email list, when it comes down to capturing the email addresses of my ideal audience with Messenger Marketing.

Let’s build the business together and…

Let’s dive in! 🙌

I’ve divided the whole system into 3 steps, (NO B.S. Content, hunh)

So this is how it goes, easy isn’t it? Don’t worry I’ll make it for you. 

I’ll first show you how to set up an email capture automation inside ManyChat, then how you can add that subscriber to your Email Service Provider (ESP) like Activecampaign & at last deliver your lead magnet after they share their email address.

Setup the Email Capture Automation

I’m so excited to share this with you today, have fun!

Since I’m now going to show you how to set it up, but before that to help you get excited about the results, First Explore that The conversation in Messenger will look like this:

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Image goes here of full view of conversation <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

How easy it was, isn’t it? 

As I said in the beginning, No domain, No hosting, No Fancy Landing Pages, No Graphics Design nothing at all. 

Let’s begin implementation now: 

To ask someone for their email address, you need to deliver them something in exchange and that must be so valuable that your audience desperately looking for that. 

So first plan your lead magnet that converts, meaning as soon as you announce the lead magnet people start jumping in. (Easy to attract your audience)

In short, The lead magnet is something that you share for FREE in exchange for an email address.

It can be anything like an ebook, free training, Ibinar, templates, masterclass, cheatsheet, software trial, report, or newsletter. 

Let’s move forward. 

Now I’m going to ask for someone’s email address in exchange for a lead magnet.

As you can see in the above image, the subscriber only has to click one quick reply (a bubble that includes the email address inside) to share their email address.

(The email address that will be shown is exactly similar to the email that they’ve used to signup for Facebook)

To achieve this I have to create a little flow inside ManyChat.

Here’s a zoomed-out view of the flow I’m going to build:

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Show a visual teaser (Preview what they’ll get) of the lead magnet I’m giving away.
  2. Describe why it would be useful for them.
  3. Set the expectation first when you’re going to ask for an email address.
  4. Ask for the email address.
  5. Tell them to check their spam folder if they can’t find it.

Now Let me explain to you each step.

To increase the conversion it’s a great way to show them a preview of what they’ll get

 to set the expectations first and get them excited for it. 

That’s why I show a little GIF of the masterclass I’m giving away.

To insert these kinds of GIFs use an image block inside manychat as shown in the image below:

Instantly after that, I set the expectations for subscribers which include what it is and how it will help them.

Then, I set the expectation that I’m going to ask for an email address.

WARNING: Do not ask for the email address directly, it will affect your conversion rate and people may start to unsubscribe from your bot or block your messages. 

80% of the marketers make this step wrong, This is an important step most Messenger bot builders don’t think about it. 

Here’s why you must include: 

1) I’m still giving people a way to unsubscribe. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck in the email capture part. (If they’re not ready to share their email address, they are not my ideal audience, hunh) 

2) When the subscribers click yes, they do a micro-commitment because they tell themselves that they want it which makes it much more likely they’ll actually give their email address.

Even though this is just a simple yes or no question where I ask if it’s okay if I send the lead magnet by email.

But plays a very important role in driving conversions. 

As soon as someone clicks ‘yes’ using Manychat Condition I quickly check, if by any chance I have their email address already.

It’s not a good user experience when you ask your subscribers again for an email if they have already provided you earlier. 

(would be silly to ask for it again, right?)

If you already captured the subscriber’s email address you can just send the lead magnet over to them, which you’ll discover how to deliver in the next step.

But if they didn’t give their email address so far, I have to ask for it first and store it in the email system field.

To capture email, you create a user input field, set the Reply Type to ‘Email’, and save the response to the email system field.

And as you can see in the screenshot above, I also left the “Skip” button.

This way, subscribers don’t get stuck if they don’t want to give their email addresses after all.

But because of that, it’s important that you check if the email system field has any value.

And if it doesn’t have any value, I explain to them, that I can’t send the lead magnet without their email address.

(That’s how we increase the conversion, you’ll be surprised how many people will still give their email address after that)

And once you’ve done all that, you add a tag to those people that they’ve received your lead magnet & you let them know when they can expect it in their email inbox.

WARNING: Do not deliver the lead magnet inside messenger it will affect your email open rates (Ninja trick) 

And then it’s time to test if you’ve done the above setup correctly.

Now it’s time to preview the flow, go through all the steps, and go to your profile to see if the email address & tag are added.

To do this go to Manychat dashboard > contacts > search your name > Tap on your name > pop-up will appear

Then check the tag and email field in that popup as shown in the image below.

Adding contacts to your Email Service Provider


After you’ve captured an email address in Facebook Messenger now it’s the time when you need to add this email address to your Email Service Provider (ESP) 

I use Activecampaign for Email Automations (except eCommerce, I use klaviyo for eCommerce email automation) 

Depending on ESP you’re using the steps shown below might be a little different.

But most tools work pretty similarly. So I suggest just understanding the logic. 

I’ll show you the exact steps for ActiveCampaign, but the process is very similar if you’re using another tool like Infusionsoft, Drip, ConvertKit, or Getresponse.

To make the connection between ManyChat and ActiveCampaign I’m going to need a tool called Pabbly

(Pabbly is free for up to 100 tasks) It also has a LIFETIME deal where you can get 50,000 tasks per month but no recurring charges. 

It’s pretty similar to Zapier, in case you’re familiar with that, but it’s way more affordable.

With Pabbly you can connect all kinds of tools without writing a single line of code which means zero programming knowledge. (I’m not a programmer too).

Isn’t that Really cool stuff!

So the first thing I need to do is to create a new workflow inside Pabbly.

Make sure you’ve added a name to your workflow so that you can easily update later if required and it becomes easy to recognize.

Here’s what I have named my workflow then, click create.

The first step (trigger) is going to be a webhook.

Search for “webhooks”, click it, and copy the URL you see there.

Then go back to the flow in ManyChat and add an action that is “External Request” like I’m doing below.

You need to add this directly after the subscriber shared their email address.

Click on add external request, then paste the webhook URL you have copied from Pabbly. 

Then inside the same popup, go to the body and click on Add Full Subscriber Data

Now click on Test the request, confirm you get a response message “200 OK”, and now tap on the save button. 

Follow the image shown below:

After you’ve done that, go back to Pabbly.

When you’ll come back to pabbly you’ll find out data has been captured just below the webhook URL (If it doesn’t appear do not do anything and wait for 3-5 seconds) 

This is important because this way Pabbly can use all the data ManyChat passed on as variables.

If you don’t see it, click “Re-Capture webhook response” go back to manychat external request, and try to preview (test the request) the External request again.

Once pabbly webhook has successfully captured the data, Now it’s to add an action step as a response to a trigger (previous step)

Click “Add action”

Search for ActiveCampaign & click it.

You’ll then see a long list of cool possibilities.

At this stage, Forget about the rest for now and just click “Create/Update a contact”

Then click on connect. 

After that connect your Activecampign to pabbly via API. 

Name the connection and enter your Activecampaign API URL & key as per the instructions. 

To access both key & URL login to your activecampign, then go to settings > developer 

And copy api URL without https:// and paste inside pabbly at required location, follow the same step to copy API KEY 

And hit connect button to make the connection between Activecmapign and Pabbly. 

Again Go to Activecampaign > lists and create a list named “Master List” it will be the list where all users by default will get added. 

Then go to activecampaign > contacts > manage tags > add tags and save. 

Now it’s time to use the data captured by webhook from Mancyhat to Map in the required fields.

Map the below-mentioned fields: 

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. List
  4. Tags

That’s it!

Click the Save and test request button at the bottom to test if everything is working.

Deliver your lead magnet

One last step left.

You now know how to capture an email address in Messenger and how to add it to ActiveCampaign.

But how do you send the lead magnet your promised?


I’ve to create simple automation inside Activecampaign to deliver it. 

Go to Activecampaign > under automation > create automation.

Select start from scratch, do not use pre-built templates on Activecampaign. That are not so effective.

Now it’s time to trigger the automation, automatically as soon as the tag “[Event] Received : Affiliate Marketing with Chatbots” is applied to the subscriber in Manychat and subscriber details like (Name, Email, List, Tag) has been added to Activecampaign.

It’s sending the email below and then ends the automation.


Now it’s time to drive traffic to this chatbot so that we can drive hundreds of thousands of subscribers to build our email list in automation, nurture them and get more sales at the bottom of the funnel.

Cool right?

This way you can grow your email list superduper easily by simply asking your subscribers for their email addresses directly inside Messenger.

It’s very user-friendly and because of that highly effective, you can build your email list very easily just you need to focus on creating more valuable lead magnets so often.

Any questions? Ask them below

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